Letting you choose challenge reward / switch challenges

I wish I could either 1) use my mileage / elevation gain to “complete” a challenge after the fact, rather than choosing it up front or 2) let me choose one of the 3 rewards at the end of completing a challenge.

Either way, don’t reserve cool rewards like the Tron bike for people who happened to make a specific challenge choices and who like specific kinds of riding (climbing). I personally like climbing, but it just seems like an arbitrary choice that you make when you have 0 experience with Zwift,

Welcome Yarian!

Yes, I think a few people have been caught out by the challenges! I believe Zwift should give people more information generally, but when they first join especially. There are so many things that take time to learn about. It took me three years to find this forum!

Before everyone comments, I wasn’t looking for it for three years! My point is that you do have to search around and more importantly know what questions to ask!

My daughter would say my boomer is showing! But a clear link to a comprehensive guide and list of features would be great!


That is part of the fun discovering how the game work.

Many games do that where you need to discover things as you learn the game, but as people play the game then tell other players what to expect.

When I started Zwift we did not know there will be a TRON bike for the Everest until the first few guys found it then we all had to switch challenges.

It is nice to have a carrot out there to chase.

A forth hard challenge will be nice.


Yeah i agree… i just hit 50000m climbing at the same time as finally googled how to get the Tron bike. I completed the California challenge a couple of years back and never thought about changing.

My request is that the Challenge section is more visible- rather than being an abstract image it would be helpful if there was text saying what challenge was selected and whether it had been completed or not.

Even when i was looking for it and following instructions online it still wasn’t immediately obvious.