Everest can’t see where to add the challenge

When I log in I don’t see any option for challenges anymore. Says once you click ride it should show them and I used to but can’t see that anymore.
Anyone else know where to find it ?

Found it :slight_smile:

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Where did you find it? I can’t see it anywhere and Add Goal just gas mileage.

Start the Ride. Go to the menu.

Thanks. Baffled why my total so far doesn’t count towards it. As a new Zwift rider this is weird.

Challenges are just one of the fun things Zwift has to keep you interested, and if you finish one you get a virtual bike!

I think that the Tron bike-extra part above Everest was put in as a fun easter egg for people to discover for themselves. Of course, now everyone who has been on Zwift long enough probably has the Tron bike, so it would make more sense to start people on Everest instead of California. That way they do not feel like the time ridden towards California before they learn of the Tron bike is just time not getting closer to the Tron bike.

Hmm can’t remember but maybe once you start the ride go to menu and look there ? There may be an option in that section where the garage and all that is.
If you don’t see it on the challenges on the left there.

See this post: Mt Everest challenge

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I found it thank you!

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