Challenges Removed from the Game?I

(Charles) #1

Have challenges been removed from the game? I can’t find the option to select them anymore. They used to be available right after login. Is the Everest challenge still around? I want to unlock the Tron bike.

(Adam) #2

Yes. At least I`m still on the Everst challenge and can see it daily.

(Daren) #3

Still in the game.

Select by clicking here:

(Charles) #4

Thanks! I didn’t see that they moved it. Fortunately, I have had it on the Mt. Everest challenge so have been getting credit toward the neon bike for all my rides.

(Daren) #5

It’s been there ever since challenges were introduced, I’m pretty sure. Are you getting confused between “challenges” and “missions”.

There are three permanently-available challenges (Everest, Ride Italy and Ride California). Those are selected from the Pause screen.

The “missions” are time-limited, and you normally join them from the start screen.



I do think that the similar terminology for quite different things is confusing. I’ve certainly heard plenty of people refer to missions as challenges.