When i open zwift it conects to the bike ok, then the ride option page opens. I can select a ride, and do the ride. fine. then it saves the ride and shuts down.
I want to set the Everest challange going, i have read on line how to do this. but i get no way to find the Everest challange! I follow the instructions, but i get no menu to use, so am stuffed. At no point is an option avalable to get to set the everest challange, is there a problem with the interface, and a button missing to get to the challenges, or even back to my stats in the game. I have to exit a ride, exit from Zwift, then go to Zwift com to find my stats. this all seems a bit backward. and even from Zwift com i can not set the everest challange. Help.

The challenges are set in the menu. It’s not obvious, but you need to click on the picture marked in my screenshot here.


Omg thank you! I have been trying to figure this our for a while (a few hours) I never thought to click on the picture,

Thanks, I thought I was going mad, why couldn’t they just put the title “Challenges” above that picture to at least give us a clue.