More Challenges

How about some more Challenges? I’ve completed the three available, as I’m sure many others have.

Climb Mt. Everest - Complete (+ Tron Bike)
Ride California - Complete
Tour Italy - Complete

From the “Select Your Challenge” screen it looks like more were (are?) planned…

This has been mentioned several times but no-one knows why it’s not been expanded. Can’t think it would take much. You could add several countries and the reward for each would be to unlock a custom jersey for that country. Simple but a good training carrot.


:+1: yes please.

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I totally agree with this request. It’s great to have a tough challenge, other than your own training, racing, etc. And also have a nice carrot to chase!


When I was newly-minted on Zwift the presence of the challenges encouraged me to ride a little extra, or get on for a desultory half an hour or so - the last few years with no new challenge(s) has been fun, but let’s have a few more long-term carrots to chase eh?

The challenges are nice. Do you have all the route badges, that is a nice change.

Great post by Eric on Zwift Insider about this:


Yes ! Do it! :raised_hands:

Hurry i need more motivation :wink:

Defo should be added to the list of updates this year!

Challenges and Missions are a great way to keep Zwifters engaged and that’s what it’s all about, right?

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Go on Zwift! You know you want to! :wink:

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4th challenge coming soon Zwift??? Loves a carrot we do :carrot:

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Love all those ideas! Next update Zwift HQ?

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Please with cherries Zwift :cherries: :cherries: :cherries:

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Cummon Zwift, you know you want to!

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Seems slot of us have completed the three challenges and asked for more. But Zwift, even though it’s a simple fix (in comparison) chose to ignore.

How about these:
Mission to Mars (395.9 million km), so ride 3959 km.
Getting the blood pumping, ride 100,000 km or the length of all your blood vessels
Just elecTRONics, Accumulate 24 hours riding at 7w/kg to unlock the elecTRON (the bike which will never be beaten, comment your ideas for looks)

No way, too easy to cheat for this reward. Lower my weight by 2/3 and do some recovery rides. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s got some promise - a solar system map for the bike with the distance for each level getting progressively longer. First stage gets you from the Earth to the Moon, then the next one to Mars, then Jupiter, Saturn etc. Obviously as Oliver says, you’d do a fraction of the real distance, but it would scale correctly (I’d go for 1/1000000 scale).

Some planet themed socks for the first few stages, then maybe a jersey or a bike skin for completing the further away ones?