More Challenges Please

As have many others I’m sure, I have just finished the last of the three challenges (Everest, California and Italy). Are there any plans to add a 4th to the list so we have a long term goal running in the background - it’s crazy - for me at least - on how motivating these challenges are. I’m gutted Ive finished the last one!!

As I’m getting close to finishing climb to the moon and Italy, would be a great motivator to know there is another challenge coming up.

Have you unlocked the Tron bike?

Having completed Everest, keep it activated (or re-activate if you have done another one since) and you need to carry on climbing to a total of 50,000m in order to complete that one. That is definitely a long-term goal.

Would like to see more challenges.

UK Lands End to John O’Grouts
USA Coast to Coast
Three Peaks Challenge
Around the World
Three Grand Tours distance/climbing

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