New Challenge?

Hi, this may already have been asked, but is there another challenge thats gets unlocked after Tron Bike, Tour of California & Tour of Italy? Many thanks.

Nope. Everest, Tour of California, and Tour of Italy are the only three so far. However, new missions come and go. I believe the current “Mission” is about burning 10000 calories.

Ok cool, couple of cals to go to complete the calorie mission, will wait for the next mission after completing Tour of Italy.
Many thanks.

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As Lin says there are no more challenges.

But I think it would be great if Zwift added some more. The missions are good too, but they tend to be time-boxed (e.g. “this month”) or linked to promotions. It’d be nice to have some more challenges that can be chipped away on a long-term basis. I’ve only done 2 of the 3 so far, but once I’ve ridden Italy I’d love something else to work on.

It’s time to Tron Bike V2. :slight_smile:

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It took me more than three years to get the first one!

Many riders may have won 2 :wink:

Agree on this one - this is a simple add, and it’s a fun thing to track.

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