More Challenges

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Very true Mike.

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Yes please!

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Pretty please, ZwiftHQ!


Yes, I vote for a 4th Challenge!!


I support this request.

An idea: a virtual “Tour Aotearoa Brevet”, which is the length of New Zealand via the best cycle trails (3000km) and only distance on a gravel bike or MTB counts towards completing the challenge.

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YES! 4th Challenge - please!

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What about a more difficult challenge .

We can call it the Zwift Master challenge To complete it you have to;

  1. Successully login to zwift without having to reboot or re-install anything
  2. Have your trainer and all your sensors correctly pair
  3. Complete one event or race without a crash , logged drop or issue
  4. Save one photo that does not render as completely black
  5. Have the ride save correctly and exit without being forced .
  6. Finally Data is correctly recorded on zwift power

Successfully completing it and you get a special helmet that renders 3 feet above your avatars head , except on Richmond where it renders back to front … oh and it can be any colour you like except red,


Teh 4th challenge is like the polar bear on Lost - was added at the very beginning and then everyone forgot to come back to it to explain.


I also think it would be good to have another challenge to complete

Still at the half of Mt Everest Tron Challenge I vote for a 4th challenge.

Oh, how naive I was back then


Def think Zwift should but on a few more challengea. (not just one!). I like the option of being able to chose a climbing or distance or combined challenge. My vote would be
Distance- around the moon
Climb- Mauna Kea from sea floor to peak so more than everest!
Combined - original tour de France distance and elevation.

Please please pretty please, give us a new challenge Zwift!

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Sh*t Graham, “difficult” implies you can do it but it’s hard. That’s completely impossible… :rofl:

I would like to see a 4th Challenge. After the Tron which literally took months the next one has to Top that one. But for the guys on level 45 upwards it is tough to come up with a fresh idea as most of them have toured everything in Zwift and it will be repetitive stuff. I can understand the reason behind no 4th challenge to date. But I also think that just putting another carrot in front of our noses maybe enough. IF the reward is worth it. Everyone can see who has done the TRON challenge. A similar reward is needed. Lumo Clothing maybe? Personalised Kit with your name on the back?