Zwift Italy Challenge...

Hey all…I’m fairly new to Zwift so please excuse what I’m sure is a simply answered question.  I recently completed my 10th level and was awarded the Italy Challenge but for the life of me I cant figure out how to ride that challenge…I’ve hit the “T” when I sign on, looked under workouts, everything I can think of but nothing found.  Id someone could lead me to the proper way of finding this I’d be greatly appreciative.  


Thank you very much in advance…



Hi Doug,

You can choose your challenge on the main Menu Screen. Just click on the challenge currently there (possibly California or Everest) and you can then choose the Italy Challenge.

Just a head’s up: the gains made in other challenges do not transfer to a new one - they stay with your old one. So if you are, say, 50% of the way through the California challenge, that distance stays with the California one and does not apply to the Italy or Everest Challenge.

Thank you very much for the info…Greatly appreciated…







I had same unlock today, couldn’t find what to do with it and came to this communication. However on my mainscreen there is no challenge at all? Would that mean I’m already in one (maybe I clicked it at the very start) or where can I see that?  Thanks. 

Not sure how the challenge works! Another newbie here…So every time we log in to ride 25K here 50K there, it will go towards the 2000KM challenge? Thanks.

Same issues as Bob_DWC TFC (B)—

I figured it out. After you hit the ride button you’re ready to ride  but in the lower left corner you hit the menu button. It will say paused and you’re in menu with your personal info. Click on the map on the right side and there you can change your challenge.

We’ve got a handy-dandy KB article about it also: :)