Switching Challenges

(Jaime Clark {CRYO-GEN}) #1

I’m currently 50% of the way done with the Ride California challenge, which I apparently picked when I had no clue that you won different bikes after completing them. I’m in the middle of Tour De Zwift and the next ride is 3700ft of elevation yet only 17 miles. Can I switch to the Everest challenge before that ride to start earning there and then switch back to California or will I lose my progress? I don’t want to lose my 50% and have to start all over one day. Thanks!

(Paul) #2

Yep, you can switch challenges without losing the accumulated percentage on the existing one. I have heard some people have switched during rides without issue (I have not tested this because I’m done with all the challenges).

(Jaime Clark {CRYO-GEN}) #3

Perfect, thank you so much!