Unlocked a Challenge during ride?

(Barb Kraus T-ZHR) #1

I saw a pop up that said I unlocked some kind of a challenge during my ride a couple of days ago.  Where do I go to see more about the challenge and how to earn it? 

(Barb Kraus T-ZHR) #2

After doing more reading, I am pretty sure that it is the Italy challenge because it sounds like you unlock that when you get to level 10 and I did just get there recently. On the Main Menu screen, I do not see anything to choose beginning that challenge and I do not know what the requirements of the challenge are.  Any info on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

(Paul Allen) #3

This may be a good source for you to look at: http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/

(Jason K) #4

To complete a challenge, all you have to do is ride/climb the distance/elevation shown on the challenge image. The rewards are for you to discover on your own. :wink:

If you want to change your challenge or see more information about them, see our KB article.