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 Question about completing challenges:

I signed up for the Alpe du Zwift challenge and quickly achieved that early on due to completing the Tour of Watopia. However, I haven’t been able to select a new challenge - for example, changing over to the Everest one. Are these challenges monthly? Do I have to wait for the next month before selecting a new one?

Originally I had signed up for the Everest challenge, but when the Alpe one started changed to that. Upon completing that, I haven’t been able to figure out how to get back on the Everest one. Also, once I do get on that, will the meters i’ve put into that count retroactively?

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link for the Everest Challage/Tron bike: and this link:

Have you completed the Tour of Italy and California yet?

The Alpe du Zwift challenge is a one time challenge that Zwift offered (there is one on the running side also). You will see these challenge from time to time that are distance, time, or elevation (I could be missing other types of challenges).

Good info; thanks. No, I haven’t done Italy or Cali yet. I’ll tinker around in-game to try and figure that out.

One time challenge…does that mean…like…no more bling? Like, these cute red polka dot gloves🙄 are gonna be IT? I no longer have a shot at the killer wheels?

Every time you summit AdZ the “wheel of fortune” spins and offers up a reward. Mine seems to be stuck though, I *always* get the aero helmet.

That sux…I got the gloves last time, & last night I got the useless helmet…I mean REALLY_…?_  For virtual riding? Does the helmet give me an aero advantage? 

Whats the point?



The Alpe Du Zwift Challenge was a “short term” challenge offered for a limited time in Zwift, but Zwift does have 3 “long term” challenges and this video discusses them in further detail. 

Well…3rd summit and I got _ another _ set of gloves :roll_eyes:… Hey Zwift…how about a set of wheels after 5 summits…AUTOMATICALLY by default…

I mean, most people that are gonna do ARZ multiple times are avid to semi avid climbers and should be able to benefit their continued efforts with the best equipment available at their level…

You know what I’m sayin…?


Did you read this from the new update:

We’ve also added timers to the 3 powerups you can receive during the Alpe du Zwift climb, so if you want those powerups you’ll need to beat the time displayed on the side map to get them.

Not sure if that is what you are talking about or not.

No Paul, thanks… that’s not what I was talking about… unless the algorithms factor those segments into the prize wheel probability allocations…

Each time I’ve ridden the ADZ I’ve bested my previous time by like 10 minutes…pressing harder each time…

and frankly…drafting power ups on the ADZ seem about as useful as a helmet …another lucky spin of the wheel …

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