Tour of Italy - no prize on completion

I recently completed the Tour of Italy however I didn’t receive the Dogma bike or anything else. Can this please be added to my account?

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Also there seem to be no other challenges apart from the extended Everest challenge.

Have you checked your garage?

I’ve got a funny feeling it’s the Tour of Italy that you get the bike unlock about 90% of the way through the challenge for some reason or used to be like that.

As for other challenges there only the 3 and has been the same since i started in 2018 so I would not get your hopes up for any new challenges. Maybe look at the climb portal and other badges/routes that you can tick off.

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100% correct.

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I just unlocked the Tour of Italy and I’m not sure how to access it. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

If you enjoy climbing and want to earn the Tron bike most people recommend you do the Everest challenge first.

So if I click on Challenges from the screen you shared above, I should see it available? I only saw Zwift Academy when I looked today.

The challenges are on the in-game pause screen

Yes you should see the three challenges. This video might be easier to view what you should see.

Maybe you could take a screenshot of what you see and post it here because I don’t understand why you see Zwift Academy in that challenges section.

That video is perfect! Thanks so much Ian. When I saw Zwift Academy I was in the area where I could see all my achieved badges. Definitely a different spot. Appreciate your help!

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