Lac of user friendlyness

I’m new to the Zwift. I’m on my trial period that came along with my new Elite trainer i just bought.
I’m really confused on how to get started with swift!!
(Im on an Apple TV 4K and the companion app)

First time I logged in I was guided through a short tutorial which explained som setting and what all the stuff on the screen means, all great.

Now every time I start swift I start directly on the road on some route I didnt choose. Once I managed to get to a menu where I could select a world and a new route… Except I really couldn’t anyway because of the AppleTV remote :frowning: - its all over the place…

Why dont I start in the menu and have to select a route before I’m placed on the bike?
How do I select (the menu) and hence the route I wanna ride from the companion app instead of on the AppleTV Screen?

Are there any tutorials that explain that part of Zwift (with an AppleTV) anywhere?

Hope for some starter tips, I really wanna make this works ;(

Cheers, Nick

Hi there. After pairing your devices, which should happen automatically after the first time (unless you have tons of paired devices), you should be at the world/route selection screen. It sounds like you’re maybe double clicking through that by accident. The Apple TV remote is notoriously difficult to use in Zwift for many people.

Next time try leaving the app alone after logging in, and see what happens.

Hi @Nick_Kjeldsen

I think Dave hit the nail on the head.

On the pairing screen don’t click next wait for the timer to run out and it will take you to the next screen. of you double click it will skip the screen to choose worlds.

Yeah, for me the main use case for the return to main menu function after ending a ride (on Windows) has been to recover from these kinds of supposed accidental presses of the Ride button when the screen was showing the OK button and there was no auto-press countdown showing.

I think this is a rather embarrassing bug that could be solved in any number of ways, including (if nothing else can be made to work) by moving one of the buttons so that they no longer overlap and consequently pressing one no longer registers as pressing the other.



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It isn’t like anyone has ever suggested it before over 18 months ago or anything!

Yeah, not the first time I have made the same comment either, Maybe it’ll be fixed in 2025…

It’ll be Zoon.

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I guess the real issue is that the 5-second delay is unnecessarily long and the indicator sometimes fails to appear even though the countdown is already running. You can get back to the pairing screen from the main menu if you somehow managed to pair the wrong devices, so what’s the point?

I think I usually get this when I start the software, do something else while it loads (speaking of unnecessarily long delays), eventually see the startup flow stuck at the pairing screen, realize that I have forgot to turn the trainer on or put the HRM on, do that and see said sensor pair, wait for the countdown to appear, and when it doesn’t, click OK, which ends up registering as me clicking RIDE instead.


It shouldn’t even show the pairing screen after the first time. I think GPLama has discussed this before. It knows your devices, and if they can pair automatically, just get on with it. Proportionately, how many people have multiple power sources etc that they choose from each ride? It’ll be a tiny minority.


Well, at least Fulgaz has an even worse pairing screen: it remembers nothing and lists like a dozen different options for both power and cadence all at once if you have a PM and a smart trainer and BLE and ANT+ and a partridge in a pear tree.

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