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I’m new to zwift, currently on 7 day free trial. When I log into computer my app goes to game mode and the computer straight into a race. I’ve tried ending ride, resetting everything but nothing works. How do I get out of this as I would like to do some routes and set up my training. (I’ve been using my husbands and he doesnt have this problem) thanks in advance

Hi @Sarah_Whitby

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So when you start Zwift, do you see the paring screen?

What screen do you see after the pairing screen?

Tip: Don’t double click the OK button on the pairing screen.

I think this may be a part of the on boarding process (just a guess as I first signed up a loooong time ago). If you follow through what it guides you to do on screen (if no instructions just pedal) it should then get to the point where the loading interface is the same as your husband’s.

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If you are a new user then what @PrimalSteve said is correct.

See this video:

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I pair my bike and it goes straight onto a course, if I dont pair bike it goes onto menu screen where u can choose routes etc…

It does sound like you are getting the New User Tutorial. You will need to pair your trainer and go through the tutorial and then everything will be normal.

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After pairing you should only click the OK once otherwise it will skip the menu screen.

Are you a new user, if yes then you have to do the introduction ride as posted in the video above.


Thanks everyone, all sorted :+1: