1st time user Using an iPhone

1st time user with multiple issues
my setup:

  • Trainer: Minoura FG540
  • HR sensor / Cadence censor / Speed sensor: Garmin
  • Bike computer: Garmin Edge 530
  • Phone: iPhone 10 (ios is most current)
  • Cell strength: 4bars with LTE

I am brand new, I have just yesterday created an account in Zwift
I have downloaded the App on the phone
I have setup the app / my account with my details
I open the app to go for a ride, I log in, I make sure my devices are recognized (HR is showing, Cadence is showing…)
NOW WHAT, how do I START the ride, where is the “go” button?
I’m sitting on the screen where I’m on the road, I can see other riders on the road, I can change my view multiple ways…
I ride for about 10min with a cadence of 100 a speed of 20 and HR of 130.
The screen continues to say---- you have 25km free of riding, but my position NEVER changes. I’m still “standing” on the side of the road
I start the app all over again and nothing changes
I restart my Garmin edge 530 - and nothing changes
I check the settings in the app and change just about everything, nothing changes.
I’m lost, I spent about an hour trying to click on every option on the screen and nothing happened.
So what gives — how do I start the ride?

Is Zwift or the Garmin showing you at a speed of 20 (kph or MPH?)?

You need to at least pair a speed sensor to Zwift to move your avatar.

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I open the app to go for a ride, I log in, I make sure my devices are recognized (HR is showing, Cadence is showing…)

Garmin is showing 20mph, YES I have paired the sensor to zwift— as I said: I open the app to go for a ride, I log in, I make sure my devices are recognized (HR is showing, Cadence is showing…)

You need to connect the speed sensor, cadence is not enough to move your avatar within Zwift.

Speed on the Garmin is irrelevant and should be ignored.

I have been doing research and while looking through youtube, I found a screen that I don’t get on my phone. I’ll try and attach it here.

I can’t seem to upload an image here. so I’ll try and describe it:
It say’s world choice, Watopia, Ride type, join your friend… and the all important button “ride”…

This was done at the start, and then re-connected again, and then once again for good measure.

You are in the new user tutorial, you will get that option after you finish it.

I am confused, are you connecting the speed sensor to Zwift (don’t pair the cadence sensor for now).

After SEVERAL tries, like an hours worth of trying this screen NEVER showed up.

You need to ride through it.

I paired the speed and the cadence and the HR sensor.

?ride through it? explain

Don’t pair the cadence sensor for now.

You need to ride through the new user tutorial in order to get the other options.

the first ride takes you on the flat route I think, and it should take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete a full loop ending you back in the downtown area near where you started. Once you finish and save that ride, you will see the world choice screen the next time you log in.

See this:


This doesn’t seem logical…
I’m NOT supposed to link to my cadence ???

And Mike, you suggest I ride a ride - when my bike just sits on the side of the road and I can’t ride anywhere?

So how do I “ride through it” when the bike won’t move?

you don’t need cadence for Zwift, it is irrelevant.

you NEED a speed sensor or you won’t move.

Having the cadence connect could be preventing the speed sensor from working properly. I am suggesting that so you can test it out.

Speed sensor in paired.
ALL I’m doing is following the instructions on my device.

How am I supposed to know what instructions to follow and not follow