Zwift not detecting Garmin Speed & Cadence Sensor in iPad iOS

HI, I’m new on Zwift. I have been trying to link my Garmin speed and cadence sensor 2 (Bluetooth and ant+) to Zwift APP using an iPad, but it doesn’t work. I shut down any connection from the Garmin sensors to any other device, I also try installing again the APP, but nothing happened.

Does anyone have a solution? Does this sensors are capable of connecting to an iPad with any other extra device?

Thanks a lot!

Copying this from another thread posted by @shooj from Zwift HQ. Hope it helps!

Apple made changes to iOS starting with v13.x. In order for apps to use the Bluetooth radio, you must give the app permissions to do so. If you installed Zwift and said “no” at the permissions prompt, the app will not be able to access the Bluetooth radio. This is why your OS can see the heart rate monitor, but Zwift can not.

You can read how to fix that on Apple’s support site . Alternately, you can uninstall Zwift, reinstall, and say yes when prompted.

Hi Mike, thanks for your answer. Yes, already done that too but sadly didn’t work.

Hi @Victor welcome to Zwift forums and Zwift in general!
Those sensors have a sleep function to save battery. Are the LED lights on? Garmin’s support site shows you how to wake them up.

Please also make sure that the sensors are not connected to the operating system as you’d pair a set of Bluetooth earbuds. If they are, go to your iOS settings > Bluetooth devices and forget the connections by holding down the “i” icon.

Lastly - when’s the last time you replaced the batteries?

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Hi @shooj. Batteries in both sensors are not new but they are ok since my Garmin Forerunner 945 detect the sensors and works fine (I also delete both sensors from my Forerunner sensors list after testing this).

Also, I tried removing batteries and put them back again, the green light blink for around 5 seconds and then shuts down. Is this a signal for something bad?

Also I removed/forget all Bluetooth connections in my iPad (AirPods, speakers, etc), but still Zwift is not detecting anything.

Green is good, red is bad.

@Mike_Rowe_PBR, green blinks for 5 seconds, then red for 1-2 seconds, and then shuts down.


Replace your battery. From the Garmin support site
The LED flashes green for five seconds to indicate activity. The LED flashes red to indicate a low battery level.


Hi. I have replaced the battery, verify that all Bluetooth devices are disconnected to the iPad, and still Zwift is not able to recognize the sensors. :confounded:

what kind of trainer are you using?

An old one, not a smart trainer

Is it a supported classic trainer? Zwift needs to know what power curve to put you on, maybe this is the issue?

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It’s an old Ravx Mag Tx, and not in the list. So, what I only have to connect to Zwift are the speed and cadence sensors…

If Zwift doesn’t know the power curve of that trainer you will not get accurate power readings. @Gerrie_Delport can explain better than me.

Does this one have one of those resistance level selectors you can control? What level are you using? Also, how many watts are you generating?

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Yes it has a resistance level to control manually, I use it almost until max. resistance. I’m around 3.7-3.8 w/kg.

But if I’m not wrong, I think my problem is not the classic trainer I have (since I know Zwift also works with trainers that doesn’t transmit any type of data), so my problem is Zwift not been able to detect the only data I can transmit, that is the one from the speed and cadence sensor.

Hi @Victor

When you are on the paring screen so you see the speed change when pedaling?

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Hi @Gerrie_Delport, no I cant see the speed change because Zwift doesn’t detect the sensor.

Garmin’s support site says The LED flashes green for five seconds to indicate activity. The LED flashes red to indicate a low battery level. I suggest you contact Garmin support at this point. If you put in fresh batteries and the red LED still flashes, it sounds like a hardware flaw.

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After I replaced the battery, the sensor didn’t flashed red again, this is not the problem (I assume). For me, is still Zwift not being able to detect the sensor.

What might be unexpected here is that the magnetless speed LED sensor actually has a bit of a party trick: It can record rides even when you don’t have an app or device actively connected to it. Yup, the little pod gained a brain and can now remember any rides you complete sans-GPS, transferring them to Garmin Connect (or even Strava) afterwards – perfect for bike commuters.