Garmin Speed/Cadence Senor 2 - "Connection Failure"

I am experiencing an issue lately where my iphone will not recognize my Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor 2 units using the Zwift app (game app, no issues with the companion connecting to iPad). On app start up my sensors connect but then when the “world” loads I see a notice in the top left corner stating “connection failure”. I sometimes will still have cadence but not speed (and watts, using a speed/cadence/dumb trainer). My watch (Garmin 245) and my iPad have no issues receiving signals from the sensors.

I have made sure that Zwift has been updated on both my phone and iPad. I have tried changing the batteries on the sensors, rebooted my phone/Bluetooth radio. As a test I installed another training app on my phone which was also not receiving a signal from the sensors properly.

Any ideas to fix my problem?

PS to answer the obvious question I use my phone to Zwift when the iPad is being used by others.

HI @Tim_C welcome to Zwift forums.

Are your watch or iPad also bonded to the speed/cadence sensor at the same time you’re having these issues? Even if that sensor can pair to more than Bluetooth receiver simultaneously, it’s best to keep things simple and only have it paired to Zwift.

What happens if you power off the iPad and disconnect from the watch? Is the BLE signal stable then?

Hi @Tim_C

Since it sounds like you tested another cycling or fitness app (other than Zwift) with the same Garmin sensors and the result was the same (e.g. no connection), then you know it’s something specifically with with your sensors or an issue with the connection on your iOS devices.

In addition to what Shuji mentioned, you might also check Garmin’s support resources for this kind of issue, which you’ll find here.

My logic for having you try that is if you can successfully pair the sensors to the Garmin Connect app on either of your iOS devices, and Garmin Connect gets readings from your sensors, then it’s logical to surmise that it should also work with Zwift or other fitness apps just as well.