New Watopia routes - not available via Apple TV

Has anyone else been able to update Zwift when set-up through Apple TV? I am unable to update it with the 4 new Watopia routes, yet when I log on to my Zwift account on my laptop (uses Windows), the 4 new routes are there in Watopia.

I use the Apple TV to run my turbo trainer - which is in the garage and not the house. Signal is sometimes erratic, but I can usually get the Companion App on my mobile phone whilst on the turbo bike in the garage.

Is there some issue with these routes not being possible to update Zwift via Apple TV yet, I wonder?

you need to go to the app store on apple TV and select updates at the bottom. Tap the update button by zwift and away you go

Never rely on auto updates. Whenever I want to launch Zwift on my Apple TV, I do so from the App Store. That instantly shows me if there’s an update or not. I updated mine to the latest version in this way earlier today.


Thanks Paul. I’ll give that a go. Much appreciated.

Cheers Paul. That worked.
I’m afraid technology leaves me behind at times!! :wink: