Nice Update Today

Thanks Zwift for the new Watopia routes.

Agreed! Great new routes!!

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I certainly like the looks of this new route. When will this be available to the apple users? I run the Zwift program from my ipad. I have all the latest updates and the route was not available this afternoon. I assumed it would roll out to all users in the next couple of days.

It’s already available you just need to update the app.

Paul where are you located? I updated both my phone and Ipad and the route is not available when I open Zwift. Perhaps you received the update based on your location.

Los Angeles here, and it came thru yesterday.

I have the same problem as Mark. I’ve updated my Apple TV, and iPad apps. Both of which do not show the new routes in use. My iPhone Companion app does show it, but through the ATV or iPad the route isn’t available. I restarted both to now avail. The update notes for the new versions I’ve loaded reference the new routes so I should have the latest and greatest. My location is Minneapolis.