2022 March - Update Wishes

Hey Zwifters,

It’s March 03, 2022 and I’m pretty eager to see what Zwift has in store for us during this month.
What do you think we can expect from the Big Zee when the next update drops?

  • I’m on Apple TV and would really like the new Menu screen.
  • A Mt Fuji climb or do we think that since the Olympics are done there’s no more Markuri Island roads?
  • How about a Companion App upgrade with Sprint Sector starts and Pace Partner locations?

What are your thoughts?

I think the new menu will take a while to come to Apple TV. It’s still only gradually rolling out on Windows. It won’t be with the March update (at least, not March this year).

We’ll be getting more Makuri expansions in the future (Zwift have said they want to make it another Watopia), so hopefully one of them will have a Fuji climb. Personally, I’m hoping for a Kaiju vs Mecha world at some point.

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With the Tour of Watopia going on this month I don’t think we will see any major updates this month, they want to keep the attention on the Tour and not introduce new shiny things to pull us away from their marquee event.

Seems like a no brainer to plan a nice new addition to Watopia during the tour every year however, I guess they kind of did that this year with all the new event only routes that will be introduced. Some new roads in Watopia would have been cool though too!