Show Complete Routes

It would be great if you could put a little tick next to any routes you’ve already completed
I love to see my progress and build up my XP, and routes are a great way of doing it, along with lots of miles! But knowing which routes I’ve done when I’m about to ride would help me choose a new route to take, but I have no way of knowing.

Perhaps a tick next to the route name when you are about to choose one would be enough.


As Zwift has ignored this request for years your best bet is using a 3rd party site. I use to keep track of which routes have been completed. Also believe has a feature like this too.


Thanks so much for this, ZwiftHub is perfect, I’d been doing it on a Spreadsheet!

You can also download a checklist from Zwiftinsider to check off the routes.
It makes it easy to see which ones you are missing.
Then you don’t have to login on Zwifthub. (I use Zwifthub too).
Zwiftinsider is a great site to visit with a lot of info about Zwift.