Companion app: filter events by incompleted routes

Many in Zwift are motivated by route badge hunting. I am too. It helps me discover new areas of Zwift and makes it interesting to return to the platform. However, keeping stock of the completed routes is difficult.

Currently, I can use an Excel-sheet to cross-reference which routes I yet have not completed. Or start a ride in Zwift to open the badges overview in game menu. I have to sit with this route list to cross reference while browse for upcoming events. It would make browsing much easier if one could just filter for the incompleted routes in the Companion app.

Encouraging users to attempt more routes is an easy way to increase loyalty and keep users coming back regularly.

This could also be part of a major rework of the Companion App Events filter as suggested previously or Moving the garage.

This is a feature in the ZwiftHacks event list if you track your route badges in the route list at ZwiftHacks.

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Wow, never seen that. Love your work Jesper.