Add 'route' to event filter on the Companion App

With more and more ‘event only’ badges being added to Zwift and those badges never coming available in free-ride mode, it’s understood that we’re supposed to gather these route badges by taking part in Event rides. However, it can be next to impossible to find an event featuring that route!! Unless you dedicate tons of time to clicking through hundreds of races, time trials, group workouts and group rides, you stand very little chance of finding an event with the route you wish to ride.

It would be great to add in a text-entry filter to search for events featuring specific routes (either text entry or a drop menu). It would make the continuation of giving badges to event-only rides marginally less frustrating.

Additionally, it would allow those of us locked out of gaining certain routes thanks to our categories a snowball’s chance of gathering that badge with a future ride, as its current label of ‘event only’ and the growing trend of not offering those badges in free-ride is concerning. (In particular, I’m speaking of the Mountain Mash route - if this stays event only, Category A and B riders are going to have a time getting that badge, as we’re locked into the Road to Sky route for the event Mountain Mash is scheduled for.)

That would be great but in the meantime if you go to the Zwift Hacks website you can look up routes and then it’ll show upcoming events on that route.

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If you are only interested in next 7 days try the filter option on your ZwiftPower account.