Making Event Only Routes Available On Meetup

Hi Zwift,
would it be possible to allow event only routes to be used when creating a meetup. I’m working my way slowly towards completing all available routes within zwift and notice that some of the event only routes are rarely if ever used. I would be eternally grateful if this feature was implemented as it would be a shame not to complete them all due to access being barred.

@Simon_Stacey1 I believe you can. When I was doing research on the route badges, creating your own meet up to not only ride on the maps that were not available that day, but also to ride event only routes was recommended. All you would need to do, is create a meetup in the Companion app and set up the details for your ride, then off you go.

My understanding is that there aren’t any badges awarded for the event-only routes.


Nigel is correct there are no badges for Event only routes.

Which is true, you can’t select an event only-route when creating a meetup. You have to attend the event to get credit.

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whoopsie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Zwift_Beats, that’s the point i’m making, there are some event only routes that are never used as far as i can see rendering them impossible to access.

Thanks for the reply Nigel. I know there are no route achievement badges, it’s just i’m a bit of a statto when it comes to things like riding every available route, Rebel Routes included :skull_and_crossbones: Think it must be a gamer thing, want to be able to say completed it mate :smiley: