Event only route badges

There’s something I don’t understand. I’ve done three “event only” routes and haven’t earned a single route badge for them. So, I went to the Zwift website to find out more. Only to discover that it says “You won’t receive any route achievements for completing event only routes.” So why do event only route badges appear under available badges to earn? It’s quite discouraging finding out after the fact that you can’t actually earn those badges.

Which event only route badges ?

There are only 2 event only routes with badges - Neokyo Crit Course (Makuri) and Handful of Gravel (Watopia).

One of the events I completed was the NoPinz R3R double Crit race on the Neokyo course.

But thank you for the information. I appreciate the response.

Neokyo crit course and road to ruins reverse

Hi @Renee_Spencer8831 This is Juan a Zwift colleague. Thanks for using this space. There are two types of routes that Zwifters can not earn badges, Event-Only and Run Only.

  • Run-only: these routes are only available to runners

  • Event-only: These route are not available from the route selection menu or the Meetup menu and can therefore only be done at events on the official calendar.

If you want to learn more about Routes Badges, I encourage you to take a look at this article; which includes Event-Only Routes.

There is an increasing number of (currently) event only routes that do have badges. It used to be only Handful of Gravel and Neokyo Crit Course. Now it includes recently-added event-only routes like Spiral Into The Volcano, Big Flat 8, Castle Crit, Loop de Loop, Jurassic Coast, Mountain Mash, and Zwift Games 2024 Epic. Of course it’s possible that they may not remain event-only.

Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate you replying to my comment.

Thanks for the information! It was very informative.