CRIT city route badges

Hi, I have ridden the CRIT City routes (both) completing both multiple times in events. However, the badge shows incomplete. Is there a known bug or issue around this & how do I fix mine? Appreciate they can only be completed in events, which is why I planned the time to do so - would like to ensure these count as do any xps I’ve missed on these rides too. Anyone know how to resolve?

There are no badges for Crit City routes. They are event-only routes, and there are currently only two event-only routes that have badges and XP bonuses: Handful of Gravel, and Neokyo Crit Course. If you don’t have the Neokyo Crit Course badge yet, the Rhino Racing Crit Series that I organized will be on that route from August 26 to September 1. There is a 4-week GC competition and you’re not too late to be part of it if you do the week 1 route before this upcoming Saturday.

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