Badge hunting to complete them all

Hi there, I could not find the answer on the forum hence my question:

In my view it would be fun to complete all routes and get special badges before the end of 2021. It went quite nice throughout the year, ticking off the Full PRL in March and the Mega Pretzel early December. Even adding the Makuri routes did not demotivate me but then when I planned everything out for the last 2 weeks of the year, I realized there are also event only routes that you have to complete to get to 100%.

The special badges and routes are all separately ticked off and can be checked easily whether done or not but is there an easy way to check which routes that are only available by event, I still need to ride?

Tnx for the support!

I’m trying to think but I’m not sure there are any event only badges for routes.

There is the new neokyo crit course badge that you (I assume, I haven’t done it yet) need to do a race to get.

See I knew I’d be wrong. I need that one too!

As far as I know, the Neokyo Crit Course is currently the only ‘event-only’ route that earns a badge. (Perhaps Zwift will add others in the future, as there are plenty of candidates.)
By the way, if you don’t have it yet, it’s worth running a Zwifthacks search on Events by adding a filter with the name of the route. There are three group rides doing it tomorrow, so it doesn’t have to be a race situation. :ride_on:

The complete list of all routes - with and without badges - can be found at: Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider
Of course, if a route badge exists, you’ll also see a place for it in game, when going to Menu, then Badges. For me, the tally at the top is a bit disappointing: if a zwifter isn’t a runner, he/she cannot tick those off, no matter how much they pedal.

There’s also the definition of ‘complete’. There are so-called ‘extra credit’ badges to be earned, but which may remain permanently out of reach for some of us. (I’m unlikely to hit 1200 Watts anytime soon…) Again, Zwift Insider has catalogued everything there, too: All About Zwift’s Hidden “Extra Credit” Achievement Badges | Zwift Insider


The other way of doing Neo Crit is to use Zwift preferences and set it up as the default course for Neokyo, with Neokyo as the overriding default world.


Thanks for your prompt reply. It must be the run badges I do not have, that makes the tally still showing as if I did not complete them all!

Also appreciate the Zwifthacks link. Have been using ZwiftPower to check the upcoming rides on certain tracks till now :wink:

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