Event Filters needed

Hi all - it would be nice to have event specific filters on the Companion App. Especially Zwift sponsored events like Norseman, Saucony Running, Black Celebration, Specialized Roval and many others. They implemented this as a toggle for Tour de Zwift and seems like a good feature to keep for other sponsored events. Make searching through all the event much easier and surely would help users plan and participate.

Contacted support and they directed me to post here to see if others agreed and we could get some consensus to encourage the developers to add this.

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This is not a solution to your question but you can try this site you can apply almost any filter.



Thanks, Gerrie, I’m aware of this site. Sometimes doesn’t have all the event series listed (Norseman isn’t on there right now, as an example). Would be nice to have a native solution in the companion app vs. relying on a 3rd party.


Hi. New to Zwift so might already have it but I didn’t see a filter by time range. Normally I only have a 2-3 hour wdw to ride each weekday but have to scroll to see what events I can do on each weekday.
Thanks in advance


Best place to filter is Events

Thanks Gerrie. My point in posting was to nudge Zwift to improve its companion app functionality. When I emailed support they asked me to post here, apparently they only look at it if others vote for it. Thanks for the suggestions!


buongiorno ho mandato una email al supporto di zwift chiedendo se era possibile oganizzare gare solo con rulli interattivi perche’ adesso ce’ molta gente con zpower rulli non inteliggenti che falsano la gara,si e’ vero che verranno squalificati su zwiftpower peroì la gara e falsata comunque

Event filtering in companion would be a nice addition. And also by time since I’m not usually up for zwifting at 4 or 5 am.


I have also added this request in the suggestions on ZC app. I too believe we should have the ability to filter instead of having to scroll through the times to find our desired window.

The more people add, the more the Devs look at this. So share this forum with your teams, friends and let’s get this on the devs list of to dos.


I hope this would be a straight forward request - please could we have better/more filtering options. On a daily basis I find searching for events painful and getting worse by the day as more clubs are created and more events put on the calendar.

Firstly: a text search box. Type in a key word and filters by that.
For eg) ‘COALITION’ would bring up the events created by that club/group. Or ‘Chase race’ and get all those.

Secondly filters for:

  • Distance (eg 0-10km, 10-20km, 20- etc - or even just sliders)
  • Time (as above)
  • Anti-sandbagging races
  • Timing - we currently have ‘morning’ but having hourly options would be better. Again, sliders?

To put in an example context, I frequently want to book myself to multiple 20km races in a particular series between 7pm and 9pm. As it stands I have to wait for everything to load, click ‘next day’, scroll through all evening races to find one only to realise on clicking into it that the distance is too long… back out… keep clicking, find one, go to next day, wait for all races to load, ad nauseum.


until that happens, assuming you are asking for filters in the companion app, you can use zwifthacks.com to filter and sign up for events.


Indeed, in the companion app, and I found zwifthacks a short while ago but it seems daft to have to rely on a third party, presumably an unpaid keen enthusiast, to create something as straight forward as a decent filtering mechanism when the company has the ability multiple times over to do it themselves.