Event Filters needed

Hi all - it would be nice to have event specific filters on the Companion App. Especially Zwift sponsored events like Norseman, Saucony Running, Black Celebration, Specialized Roval and many others. They implemented this as a toggle for Tour de Zwift and seems like a good feature to keep for other sponsored events. Make searching through all the event much easier and surely would help users plan and participate.

Contacted support and they directed me to post here to see if others agreed and we could get some consensus to encourage the developers to add this.

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This is not a solution to your question but you can try this site you can apply almost any filter.



Thanks, Gerrie, I’m aware of this site. Sometimes doesn’t have all the event series listed (Norseman isn’t on there right now, as an example). Would be nice to have a native solution in the companion app vs. relying on a 3rd party.

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Hi. New to Zwift so might already have it but I didn’t see a filter by time range. Normally I only have a 2-3 hour wdw to ride each weekday but have to scroll to see what events I can do on each weekday.
Thanks in advance

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Best place to filter is Events

Thanks Gerrie. My point in posting was to nudge Zwift to improve its companion app functionality. When I emailed support they asked me to post here, apparently they only look at it if others vote for it. Thanks for the suggestions!