Companion event filter by world/course

Who would love to see some more filter options in the companion app?
I would like to see a filter where you can search events based on worlds and courses.


No doubt that would be a great idea, but you can already do this at Zwift Hacks. You can slice and dice every which way you can imagine.


Hi David. I know in many cases there are hacks however many of us are fairly technically limited. I don’t know how to do this and for someone who is trying to help many athletes
including my dad who I have managed to get on to Zwift at 67 likes things to be simple. Using the companion app is already challenging enough for him and many others that I know.
I think anywhere its possible for users to access what Zwift offer with as few steps and or challenges the better for Zwift and its community.


I am sorry for the misunderstanding. is a website where there are tools for using zwift. Click on this link and you well see how it works.

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