Time Filter on Events list

I have a request to include a time based filter for the Events on the Zwift Companion App. This feature would allow me to filter the full days events down to a specific window of time.

It is tedious to scroll through all the events starting at 12:01 AM for events starting around 7:00 PM.

Alternatively, an on screen index or scrole bar to the side of this list with time of day scale for instant scrolling ro rhat rime

Hi @Peter_Forrest

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Try this.



Thanks Gerrie this is is exactly the functionality I was thinking of. Love the 24hr slider bar with the 2 bookends.

Its a great overview, but without a β€œJoin” button/link (or did I miss it?) I still need to find it in Zwift Companion.

But I can see that there are so many ways to slice the events it might not be practical to expand the filtering.


Just click on the β‡— zwift.com link at the bottom of the event details to sign up to the event in Companion (if on a mobile device) or on the Zwift website. The native search tools in Companion and on the website are indeed pretty much useless (and Zwiftpower is no longer up to date when it comes to routes etc.).


Got it thanks!