Zwift Companion App Filters

Requesting two filters:

  1. A Time filter in the Events section

This way I can filter the events by time as there is only ever certain times of day that I can ride, and all the other times of day are of no use to me. Should I ever want to see an event that is outside of my set time filter, I can simply remove the filter.

  1. A Date (calendar) filter in the Activities section

This way I can select a date from a calendar to view an activity on a specific date, instead of having to scroll and scroll to find the date for that specific activity.

If this has already been requested, then please delete the post.

If this is already possible (via the companion app, not a website), please show me how.



Use ZwiftHacks - Zwift is truly terrible at given you ability to search for events by various attributes other than time of day. The developer of ZwiftHacks is constantly developing his tools to keep up with any Zwift developments so as Zwift add things like PD4 or CE vs non-CE, you can find the stuff that works for you.

An alternative is using ZwiftPower - it has a few things like race quality that Zwifthack’s doesnt and I use to supplement ZwiftHacks