Companion App Events Filter

Many times now I have been scrolling through the events page trying to find something that ties in with life commitments… then bingo! One at a suitable time, a group workout and a good duration, to then find out it is female only or a sign up event specific.

I think it might be useful to a add another filter to the events page to remove events that the user cannot actually enter. There is no need to display an event that I cannot enter because I’ve not signed up to a series or because the event is fixed to a specific gender.

Not sure what others think, it could just be me :confused:

more filters will always be good.

I don’t understand this, I don’t recall any events that you have to be part of a series?

Look at this, lots of filters.

More filters can only add to the personalisation of Zwift for everybody’s needs

Recall the Tour De Zwift, if you didn’t want to take part you still had to wade through all of the events they were putting on to try and find an alternative

Having to look on a 3rd party website to find an event isn’t really a solution in my eye, more of a bodge but it might be other people’s preference

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I do like ZwiftHacks events page, but their filters only work on a singular basis, which can be a bit of a pain. For example, I can filter to see just D cat events or filter to see just E cat events, but I’m unable to see D & E together, which I can do in the Companion app. I’d also like to filter out Workouts - e.g. allow me to select to see only Ride, Race, TT and EFondo (won’t see Runs anyway, as I already filter those out elsewhere).

But this is a rant better aimed at the ZwiftHacks team, rather than on here I suppose. Plus their event page is still better than anywhere else despite my moaning!

You should reach out to Jesper (Zwifthacks) he is super nice and ask him if he can add multiple filters.

I have not used filters that much, I only train from 5am to 7am so I only have to look what is going on at that time and most of the time I can do it on half a page. So I filter morning and ride or race.

Hopefully overtime Zwift can start to implement some of the user suggestions so we won’t need to use third party sites

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