Event Filters

NAME : Why, when there is a list of events can I not enter the name of the event in a box:

T “filter T”
To “Filter To”
Tour Filter to include “tour”
Yellow filter to include “yellow”

TIME / DATE : I want to pick the date of the events - today / in the next 30 minutes

SIGNED UP EVENTS : Stuff that I have signed up for listed

SIGNED UP RACES : I’ve signed up for a race on Friday, don’t go and kill yourself on Thursday

Further to this, when there’s a series of events and you’ve entered one it would be good to have the option to register for the remaining events as well (Series pass or a list of related events to select from)
Find a list of events followed Zwifters are entered into (as long as you both follow each other) the ability to select a friend and register in matching events. Currently you can see when someone you follow is entered and can filter for events but you still need to dig in and see which friend is entered in each event
Little off topic but also within the subject of filters - ability to filter Find Zwifters by country, there are a lot of members and it can be hard to work out which is correct or without having to scroll a number of pages