Completed Tracks [Feature Request]

When choosing the track for your workout, free-ride, etc. I would really like to see what tracks I have already completed (aka was awarded the achievement for that segment).

Right now, I have to open the game, look at my achievements, write down the track I want to do, end the workout, close the game, open the game and choose the workout… it’s madness! :smiley:

has a list of all the routes.
I think you could print it off and tick them off as you do them.
A bit old school I guess but it might help.

Ps zwiftinsider is the place to go for lots of Zwift info on all subjects.

Thanks, old school for sure. I was thinking when I go to select route there is a little star or symbol next to the route that notifies me I have completed that track.


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I keep track of mine in Google Sheets, but I’m a little OCD.

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I may start, but would be nice to see this feature! You have to admit. haha

I agree Robert. I’ve voted.
I’d like to see the best route time achieved also on Zwift also.


True, but from what I’ve seen over the years, requesting a new feature from Zwift is guaranteed to disappoint.

Here’s a link to the Google sheet, if you want to make a copy and start tracking on the side: Zwift Route Badges.

Note that once you start entering your actual times, it will calculate your time per point of VVOM to give you an estimated time for each route (and total estimated time to go). But without any actual time data, it uses an arbitrary 6 minutes per point of VVOM for the initial estimates.


Nice thanks, I’m hoping in the UI change, this could be a quickly added feature.

This Google doc is excellent, thank you for sharing it. Much better workflow than anything Zwift has in place at the moment,

I’m glad you found it useful. The data is largely taken from Zwift Insider, so @Eric_Schlange_ZI gets most of the credit.

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Yes, regarding the HMI more generally,you should be able to:

  • see you’ve accomplished a route when you choose it (a little badge at end of the name?)
  • have access to all your badges on companion
  • change route without restart from computer
  • change route without restart from companion


PS: I also use Zwift Insider master list, but when I pay hundreds of euros for a game, I would expect it to do it for me.
I feel like Zwift is investing a lot of our Money on the esport side of things, but is it really what matters to most users? It is not on my side…


That’s indeed a smart idea ! It’s quite easy to implement BTW !

Hey Fellas, i want to ride with fantastic climb after descent track, 150 km 160 km maybe more top speed while descending :wink: maybe inside at the gametrack :pray:

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my Google Sheet for tracking route badges, for those interested.