Some bugs on Watopia.

(Mikael Jonsson) #1


Some things I notised on Zwift.

Choose Flat, make a left turn to mountain, the orange border gos to the right chooise but no arrorrs and avatar goes staight a head.

From Epic Kom to mast, avatar goes to the right side of the road, rigth throu all the snow.

Coming down from the mounatin (left turn after the mast) then Zwift choose to take a right turn back to start insted of e left an continu the Flat coure i started with.

Sounds when passing start/finish arch is missing, my test was on London 8, i stayed on course.

A small delay for the road pattern when hitting another surface (NEO user).

#RideOn #LoveZwift #NoNeedForIrlRides

(Jason K) #2

I’ve passed this on to our QA department, and we’ll look into these. Thanks!