Coordinate Turns with Routes/Segments

I’m new and don’t see a similar topic, but maybe I’m wrong…

When I’m on a route and have started a segment (i.e. Hilly Loop) there are options (I think 3) for turns OFF the segment. Some turns might be part of my original route I’ve selected and some might keep me on the segment. When I’m riding, it’s nice to see the different area that a turn might take me to, but I’m not that familiar with knowing what direction would keep me on a certain segment. When I commit mentally to doing a segment, I’m disappointed when I end up turning off the segment because my route is going the other direction. I know that I can override the route by choosing to go the other way, but I don’t always know which way will keep me on a segment.

TL;DR: I would like to know which turns will keep me on a route or a segment.

Hi Amelia… When you select a World and route from the initial drop-in screen, the game will automatically keep you on that route. If you wish to stay on that route to completion during the ride, do NOTHING in terms of choosing turns/options that appear. I’m not precisely sure about the distinction you’re drawing between “routes” and “segments” (Strava segments?), but I hope this addresses your question.


Hi Wes,
I’m not sure that you’re addressing my issue, but thanks for trying! My use of “routes” and “segments” is consistent with the “whats on zwift” website.

What I’m referring to is when a route doesn’t contain an entire segment. How can I complete the segment? How do I know if I stay on my route if I will be completing the segment or kicked off of it? How can I stay on the segment, regardless of what is on the route? Am I the only one who has been bummed halfway through a segment to be routed off it by a selected route? Have I just made an earlier mistake that causes this to happen?


There’s very little segments that includes a turn.

The easiest is to know the map

The most common usage of “segments” is in the context of Strava segments. When I do a Zwift ride, my Stava analysis of said ride will sometimes include dozens of “segments”.

For example, here is my Strava record of the “La Reine” segment/route

For the most part, every Zwift route is also recognized as a segment on Strava. It’s confusing, because there are also “segments” in Zwift Power, as well as in Zwift itself. However, the Zwift use of the term “segment” is VERY specific. That said, all that I advised you above, still applies in its entirety. Zwift generally has 3 “segments” on each of its routes:


Each segment has its own leaderboard. There are six segments—three going one direction, three going the other—and each direction includes:

  • A KOM/QOM climb
  • A sprint point
  • A best overall lap time.

A route ALWAYS contains an entire segment (as defined by Zwift). When you ride on a route that you select from the drop in screen, you will automatically traverse all the relevant “segments” without having to touch any navigation keys. I think you may be confused about “routes” “segments” (worlds?). But please, give me a reference to a ride activity where you were “routed off” of a segment by a selected route. I’ll do my best to analyze the ride and try to understand your question better…

Touching navigation keys will definitely lead you to unpredictable results. However, they (nav keys) MAY be used to explore more than one route (which would then naturally include multiple Zwift Sprint/KOM/Lap segments.

Please refer to this article first, before replying…


Here’s the TLDR reply:
You need to plan your ride in advance. If your objective is a QOM or a particular Sprint, then choose the route that includes that segment. If your objective is to ride a particular route, then you will AUTOMATICALLY traverse the segments on that route. Route completion achievement certificates are granted on the first successful ride of the entire route. Let the game do the “coordination”. Concentrate on cycling, not navigation.

Most of the segments that include possible turns are basically complete routes themselves, so indeed if you want to do one of those, select the correct route from the get-go. Of course if Zwift only allowed you to select a different route without exiting the game…

The Hilly Loop (forward) “segment” comprises nearly ALL of the “route” named “Hilly Route” (in the Watopia “world”), minus the short “lead-in”. If you select Hilly Route from the drop-in screen, after pairing your devices, you will automatically traverse the Hilly Loop (forward), the Zwift QOM, and the Sprint segments. If you navigate off of the Route, you will NOT complete the segment, obviously. Zwift will keep you on the route without your having to do ANY navigation. The ONLY pre-planned, named route on Zwift that contains the Hilly Loop lap is Hilly Route, unless you were to participate in the event-only Zwift Bambino Fondo, which requires Level 5 and above…

I too found Zwift and course/route selection confusing in the beginning. Try out zwifthub-dot-com, there you can see - per Zwift world - all courses/routes there is to select in Zwift. For each course you can also see the number of sprints, KOM/QOM, and laps, which are also possible to filter for. E.g. if you want to ride a course passing Epik KOM/QOM, you can choose that as a filter criteria, and the possible courses containing this will show.

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