Going off course on group rides

Are zwift on the case of the group rides splitting into two, half going left and half going right, at the end of the new coastall routes.? … Bit frustrating mateys.

If the route isn’t a loop, then once you’ve finished it you’re not on the route any more and so Zwift will route you randomly.


Probably an issue with any point-to-point route completed during the event, assuming there’s an intersection before the event finishes

As Steve has stated; this is an occurrence with non-looping routes; and nothing new.

Since I’m not entirely sure if a non-looping list exists; here are they are:

Time Trial Lap
La Reine
Ventop Downhill
Gravel Mountain Reverse
Gravel Mountain
Innsbruck KOM After Party
Lutscher CCW
Innsbruck Continentals Hill Climb
Keith Hill After Party
Leith Hill After Party
Sea to Tree
Valley to Mountaintop
2022 Cycling Esports World Championships Route
Libby Hill After Party
2022 Bambino Fondo
2022 Gran Fondo
2022 Medio Fondo
Alpe Du Zwift Downhill
Bambino Fondo
Climber’s Gambit
Dust In the Wind
Gran Fondo
Legends and Lava
Medio Fondo
Quatch Quest
Road to Sky
The Über Pretzel
Tour of Fire and Ice
Volcano Climb After Party
WBR Climbing Series
Handful of Gravel
Alpe Du Zwift Segment
Accelerate to Elevate
Canopies and Coastlines
Coast Crusher
Going Coastal
Temple Trek

And again as stated; what this means is on group rides, what will happen is once the end is reached, you lose control over where the group goes. (Say for example if it’s a time or distance based ride, as opposed to laps)

Had an issue tonight on a 1hour meet-up riding the Going Coastal route.

We’d gone through the route end point after the last sprint then got to the intersection where you pick up the jungle roads and some of the group were routed left, with the rest going right.

Some riders had seen this before I think - can it be looked into by Zwift team please?

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Hi, you cant use a timelimt on that route as its not lap based. Once you reach the end point you will just all go random at the next junction as the route is finished.

@Donald_Gino_Howe_Vel and @Troy_Little

As others have mentioned already - once you an event or Meetup ends - you’re back in the world with everyone else and your avatar is given a choice to either stay in that event world, or teleport back to the world where you originally started your session.

Can we get more context from both of you about your rides? Are you saying this happened in the middle of your event, or after the event completion banner showed and you were given the choice to stay in the event world?

It’s not an event end issue. It’s a route end issue while the event is still going.

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As mentioned below it’s an issue during the event itself - time limit not reached but ride gone past the route finish point.

Didn’t realise so many routes were A to B not loops, will look out for that in future for any meet-ups etc


This are also looping routes BTW.

the Lutschers are indeed sprint / non-loops. As they finish at the top of the mountain.
Dust in the Wind also is a non-loop [officially], as it ends at the Tempus arch.

Handful of Gravel should indeed be a circuit, so glad you pointed that out! (Although it doesn’t matter too much as it’s event only hah!)

But yes; for any event leaders, it might be worth keeping that list handy, as that is exactly what happens to group rides when you complete the route (which can happen before you finish the ride, if that makes sense).

This is nothing new, and has been happening on Zwift for… long before I’ve been here.

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Lutschers Routes starts end ends at the top of the Mountain…there is a Leadin to the Top so it’s a Looping Route.

Dust in the wind also can have multiple Laps

Okay Lutscher might actually be (confusing with these lead ins, but I see now that the start arch is at the top)

Dust in the Wind though is 100% not a circuit. It ends at Tempus arch, which is another, 2km? or so away from the starting location.
Which means there’s a likelihood of folks going through titans, or continuing straight, and again either turning at tunnels, or turning into beach drive Watopia.
I wouldn’t look too closely at what Zwift produces as far as maps goes; they’ve got tons of inaccuracies across the board.

But that’s a bit semantics, let’s be real… how many group rides are doing Dust in the Wind; for most groups, I don’t think they’d run into this issue with that specific route lol.

It more vastly impacts things like “After Party KOM” routes, and those newer ones ending before Jungle loop.

(which to add, this is why I was hoping / expecting a turnaround circle at the end of the new route, so they could be looping routes, instead of spitting out into Jungle)

Here is an example on Canopies and Coastlines.

This was during the GXY High Loosey Goosey event at 08:45 PST today 9 Nov and most of us I think have ZwiftApp 1.52.

We were routed in different directions while the event went on. I begged the leader to keep the fence off, jokingly, as the yellow beacon went left and the red beacon went right - you can see it in this screenshot.

I would think specifically for this, autonomous riding should have a default turn mode (pick one, left or right), versus random - this problem would end overnight. People can always change it.

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But surely if one is partaking in a group ride and said group is doing a timed event, rather than a set route, when such route ends, but time is still remaining, surely the group should stay together, we have a leader, and the sweeper, but they end up going completely in opposite directions… Very poor in my opinion.

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Totally. Because we ALL want to do N+1 rides on RGV, Waistband, Triple Flat Loops, Tempus Fugit, Douce France or Tick Tock just because these are “looping routes”.

I thought the point of new routes in a game was to diversify the game experience and keep things varied, but… how silly of us to think that!

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3 out of the 8 of the new routes are looping; why not choose one of the ones that is looping?
The 5 that aren’t, either finish mid new road, or, like accelerate to elevate, end on ADZ (which … nobody would do for a standard group ride anyway).

The others are just shortened “sprint” versions.

Big Ring and Sugar Cookie are fantastic additions to group rides that are meant to last for > 1 hour.
Shorelines and Summits if you’re brave enough to tackle Radio on a group ride, but… I doubt most leaders are.

Beyond those two; what more can you possibly expect from a SINGLE road? They go opposite directions… just choose one.
What do the non-looping routes offer that those two do not; going through other sections most folks avoid in group rides as well, like Titans Grove?

I don’t understand these complaints…

Most large group ride hosts aim for the flattest of the flat.
Just because Big Ring takes over 1 hour to lap, doesn’t mean you can’t do a 60 minute group ride on it…
Complain to Zwift you want longer, flatter routes… Looping vs non-looping are not the issue here; it’s the lack of long flat routes; of which, The Big Ring is a fantastic new addition.

Alternatively, take it up with your group ride host that you want to see more variation… That’s on them for choosing the same 3 routes.
Trust me, I know, because I help choose what routes my group does on a weekly basis, and it is tough to keep things fresh and interesting when we lack routes; but that doesn’t stop us from trying different routes.

That’s because you don’t understand the concept that we pay for something and fundamentally, software flows should always consider these things in the development.

I suppose we can agree to disagree on this point, but frankly any route should be able to be used for any event, and the event should be smart enough to be able to route everybody together.

That’s the point.

A little software competency goes a long way.

So you’re saying that you want all non-looping routes extended so that they make a loop, just that you want the “end” of the route (in terms of xp and badge etc) to stay in the oriignal place?

It does make me question - sorry, why? There are tons of routes that loop already, and you can still ride the non-looping routes in an event, just that you need to have the event as distance-based for no more thsn one lap, wbich doesn’t exactly seem super-restrictive.

So… use routes that are meant to do multiple laps???
There’s only a single world on Zwift that doesn’t have the same roads covered by lapping routes, and that’s Bologna, which only has the single TT lap.

I fail to understand how this is their fault for designing sprint routes instead of 100% of routes being circuits.

It’s like saying why does drag racing exist, when we have circuit races…

Your complaint here is misguided Greg, hate to tell you, but this isn’t something that will change.
If it did go your way; then my list near the top of this thread would all be routes that would have to get removed from Zwift.

Do you want more routes, or less routes? Because you’re asking for less.