Riders not following the course in a meetup?

Last Friday I created a meetup for a normal Saturday shop ride and 5 people accepted. At the start we were all there spinning on our virtual trainers. At the designated time (7am EST) we started riding. It lasted about 3 minutes and suddenly all but one of the participants was gone. At some point during the 90 minute meetup we passed the other guys going the opposite direction. They said they were unable to turn around (and neither was I) until the meetup was over.

Has anyone else experienced this?

No, I did not try to turn back. There was no need. We all went together.

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Artur, I don’t understand your comment: you weren’t invited to the Busytown Bikes meetup and I don’t recall riding with you. Of the 5 people I invited, only one of them wound up riding with me after a few minutes.

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I thought you were asking if this occurred in any meetup.

It happened to me
The system routed us to a different place… weird.


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This happened to me yesterday on “Greater London Flat”

We were going for a 1 hour session, on our 3rd lap, I (the group leader) made a right turn, while my friend just stayed the course and did not make the turn with me. We never saw one another again.

We are both 99.99% sure we did not hit any keys on the keyboard, companion app, etc.

We do not know why we were split up.

any thoughts Zwift?


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Yes, happened to our meetup yesterday, within a mile the group turned left and 3 of us went straight. After another 15 miles our small threesome also split up. Shouldn’t a meetup stay on the same route? I understand that there currently isn’t rubber banding the group together but 3 different routes for the same meetup seems wrong. Thanks for listening and if there are suggestions on how to avoid this in the future please post is so everybody knows!

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The group meetup I organised for Saturday “road to Sky” was also split up and i dont think any of us were actually routed in the direction of the Alpe.

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Had the same issue Sunday morning. We had about 15 in our group. The Jungle Circuit route was selected but most of us were forced to do Epic KOM instead. It was my first time hosting a meetup and I was not happy as everyone was very confused, including me.

I had the same issue today with a meetup going to road to sky. Everyone took another route, including myself not going to road to sky but Epic Kim. Weird and frustrating

This happened to our Wednesday ride. We had about a dozen people on the meetup, to do Jungle Circuit. About a minute into the ride, riders were teleported in multiple places across the map. None ended up on the Jungle Circuit.

Out of curiosity, it does seem like those rides which head toward Jungle / Alpe are the part of the problem. We’ve led dozens of such meetups, and this was the first where everything went haywire, but also the first time we tried the Jungle Circuit.

Some of the group were leveled, some not. Not sure what impact that would have in general. It would be nice to have some input from Zwift HQ on this. The presumption, based on group rides generally, is that the level caps do not apply to riders on a group ride.

I can add to the jungle/alp theory. I’ve been hosting meetups twice a week since they launched and have only had one routing issue ever early on in New York. Other than that all routes with a similar group have all gone according to plan. Tonight we attempted Road to Sky and all got to the correct starting point but on the wrong side of the road and when the event started we started rolling away from the jungle/alp.

I am hearing more and more of other people experiencing this, particularly on road to sky and jungle circuit route meet ups.
It would be nice if zwift could respond and add it to there known issues page or maybe they just dont believe us?



I just tried to do a meetup and go with two friends in the road to sky, we tried for two times, the meetups went wrong,

First just from the “gate” didn´t follow the road to sky route, it sent us in totally different direction, tried to build another meetup same thing, didnt follow the road to sky, after 10m we both went in different directions, he didnt follow the same route as me

That was my exact experience last night with my road to sky meetup. From the gate we went the opposite direction and then at the first turn a handful of us went one way and a few went to other. Zwift support first told me to look into network issues they saw in my logs. I’ve since replicated on a different Zwift device and on a different network. My ticket just went up to “tier 3” support so I’ll reply here if they give me anything solid. As of now my 3/3 road to sky meetups have produced the exact same results so maybe you guys can test it out and we can see if that route is 100% broken for everyone.

Yep exact same issue last night with 5 riders scheduled to do Road to the Sky. about 2 kms in one rider left the group at an intersection and the rest continued however the route changed to Hilly and we never got to the Road to the Sky.
A couple things to note. The meetup was set for 50km and one of the riders in the meetup was Level 4 and doesn’t have Road to the Sky unlocked - Can riders with locked routes ride in a meetup on a locked course?

Hey all, this is a known issue that we have been following up on. Can you all send us a support inquiry with your log files? We’re collecting those for our investigation. Thank you for your patience with us!

Support Conversation: https://support.zwift.com/contact/contact-us-HJH8N4RNQ
How to find log files: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/how-do-i-find-my-log-files-(cycling)-SyTW0JZSX

Thanks for the update Vincent. Will this be added to the “known issues” forum or should we follow here for updates along with the responses to our open tickets?

Yes, thank you for the update, finally, you dont really need our log files, just try it for yourself, roadtosky meetups are broken

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There is a workaround as I tried this tonight, 3 riders, 2 at L14 one at 7, tried to do Ride to Sky but started facing wrong way.

Tried a join rider and one got refused at the L12 gate

However if a rider rides to bottom of ADZ and waits beyond the gate, then others can choose to “ride with” in Watopia and do the full climb