Riders not following the course in a meetup?

(Joe) #21

@Vincent_Williams1, et al,
Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed, or if there is somewhere else to check for progress updates? I’m hoping to schedule a meetup ride for Alpe du Zwift (“road to the sky” route) for tomorrow morning. I’m level 21, but my friend is level 7. We could always try the work-around suggested by @Hywel_Davies (Thanks!), but the normal meetup system would be preferred.



(A. ) #22

Issue has not been fixed, I tried in friday :frowning:

(Andrew Hall Kingston Tri Club ) #23

Joined a group ride on the 19th to do the jungle ride and we went up KOM. Tried to lead a ride today (March 23)on the jungle route and 5 riders went in 3 different directions. Total debacle. Wish I had known