Meet up road to sky wrong direction

Thanks for reporting this issue to us! :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren, do you have any news with regards to this bug? I have tried this route 3 times now, and it always goes to a different direction. It is complicated as it also splits people up in some intersections.
Basically you cannot use it as a meetup route.



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And still a problem today - wasted a lot of time before deciding to split up and do our own thing.


you’re not the only one, wasted a lot of time as well :frowning:

I’m actually suprised it’s taking soo much time to get it fix though. The map should be disabled if it doesn’t work correctly so we don’t waste time on a known bug.

Me too. Time wasted; support needed!

Zwift team, please help us and react on this bug. After all, we all love Zwift so much!

Ride on!

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Me too - though until I saw this thread I thought I picked the wrong route.

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Me too did it today with a friend wasted all my three meet ups getting it done… we were both at the meet but in totally different places and then I set of the wrong way… had to disable the ride and turn round then ride miles to get to the ALP then my friend joined in but he’s a lot older and we could t them ride together… meet ups should be easy …there NOT

now wrong direction meet up road to sky
new start point

I had this yesterday when i tried to ride road to sky with my daughter.
I presumed we split off because she isn’t at level 12 yet but i realised halfway up the epic kom that she was on the correct route and it had sent me the wrong way.

What I do, son is Lvl 7, I ride to Alpe base, then he logs into main screen and does a ‘Ride with’ and ports to where I am.

Come on Zwift. What gives? This is a horrible bug. I just want to squad up and hit alpe over and over. This is pretty ridiculous, even by your standards. Please address.

No updates since April? This is a frustrating , time consuming bug that really sucks all the wind out of a meet up to hit one of Zwifts main attractions, Alpe.

Please respond with something that gives us hope.

Thanks in advance.

Wish I would have read this a week ago. I scheduled an Alpe climb meetup using Road to Sky route and it routed us all the wrong direction and split the group up. I opened a ticket and responded that they are working on it. Apparently not quickly if its been an issue for awhile now. Sigh!

It’s really a horrible time sink, on what would be a great goal for the team! I Hope they fix it, and soon.

Apparently, I’m the latest to waste a bunch of time because of this bug. :frowning:

Had same problem again this morning. Zwift will it be possible to indicate when bug will be addressed? Kind Regards

Following. Frustrated with this one. Tried meetups for the first time today only to be hit with this issue. Pretty bad first impression.

We hade the same experience today, we all quickly had to quit and turn around to save the event. Any update on when this will be fixed?

Add me to the list of people who wasted time and got frustrated by this bug!