Meet up road to sky wrong direction

Thanks for reporting this issue to us! :slight_smile:

Hi Lauren, do you have any news with regards to this bug? I have tried this route 3 times now, and it always goes to a different direction. It is complicated as it also splits people up in some intersections.
Basically you cannot use it as a meetup route.



And still a problem today - wasted a lot of time before deciding to split up and do our own thing.

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you’re not the only one, wasted a lot of time as well :frowning:

I’m actually suprised it’s taking soo much time to get it fix though. The map should be disabled if it doesn’t work correctly so we don’t waste time on a known bug.

Me too. Time wasted; support needed!

Zwift team, please help us and react on this bug. After all, we all love Zwift so much!

Ride on!

Me too - though until I saw this thread I thought I picked the wrong route.