Friend meetup - not turning on the same direction

I noticed that when I do a bike event meetup with my friend, sometimes, when we ride, I’ll take a left turn and he will take a right turn, which means that we lose each other,

this is rather annoying, you would think that when you ride with your friend, you would stay with him through the ride?


Do you do a manual turn? I don’t think he will follow you if you do manual turns. But I may be wrong on this one.

Wow, you actually think I have friends I ride with, :crazy_face:

This is a little out of my area but it could be an issue of not having the app updated (which I doubt), not actually doing the meetup within the ZCA or like Gerrie said I don’t think it works with manual turns.

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No of course I don’t do manual turn. We just both follow the automatic and found that we were going on opposite direction :frowning:

Isn’t the app force you to update, we both always get the update all the time. We were on the same meetup…

I would ride with you but we are in different time zones. :slight_smile:

Back to the OP: I know there was an issue with the meetup future where people would go different directions, maybe the got to the ride with function.

Which route were you trying to use? This has been an issue since at least February with no word from Zwift as to if it has been fixed. Meetups: Zwifters are going the wrong direction on certain routes

Hey Guys!

I just checked with our bug reporting software, and this bug is still an issue, but is marked as a High Priority, so our devs will hopefully have a fix for it soon! We will keep you updated with news once we have any via the forum post link that @Nate_Hetrick provided!

Thanks for your patience in this matter!

Ride On!

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Thanks Seth,

It’s not our first time that this happens, It did happened couple of times already. Last time we tried was the route of the alp (not sure what’s the full name).

Considering this issue has been raised on feb, you mentionned it got flagged as High priority but there is still no fix for it yet. Do you have any ETA on when this going to be fixed? It’s seriously very annoying to be honnest, we needed to exit, re-schedule the meeting, just a bunch of overhead…


At this time our Devs are reviewing the code and trying to find the specific cause of this, so that they can correct it. We have no ETA at this time, but will be updating the official post about it as soon as new info is available.

thanks Seth,

I did tried it again with my friend last night and can confirmed it’s sill an issue on the to-the-sky road map where we start in the wrong direction.


Hey Seth,

Do you know if the latest update of zwift address this bug?

Any news on this issue?

Any news about this? I’m seriously disapointed on how zwift is threating bugs in general.

This issue has been dragging on for months now and apparently as high priority and not only we don’t know if the bug has been fixed but nothing back from zwift.

Would appreciate some feedback, to say the least…

Just re-tried it with latest zwift update and still the same issue.

Reported the issue on their support email as well and they said it was being threated as high priority and still no update, no fix.

Not sure if they really do care about customer feedback at this point? - very disappointing to say the least.

Me too. Still buggy today, rather frustrating. Spent the majority of a ride with friend doing U-turns to try and follow eachother’s turns. Felt less like a good ride