Meet-up routes not working, spawn point in wrong direction and different route

Tried twice to Route to Sky with a meet-up and it spawned me in the wrong the direction, was unable to make any turns, and looked like I ended up on a Hilly Loop from the Road to Sky spawn location on bridge. Both me and my son were shown to Road to Sky in our routes, and on Event.

Same here. On multiple occasions.

Happened to me today. We tried three times. As if it’s not bad enough, Zwift then sent my friend and I in different directions and at different points on the three attempts! And, just to add insult to injury we used the “stay together” option on the last attempt and still got sent different ways!

Same issue. Supposed to be on jungle circuit but got sent on hilly route instead. One of our group got sent up KOM and couldn’t rejoin. Any patches coming?