Friend that was level 6 couldn't follow me in a meetup

I scheduled a meet up in road to sky and I am level 16 and my friend is level 6. We both started riding and it routed us away from the bridge we started on and it wouldn’t let him stay with me. It routed us back towards the Italian villas instead of the bridge to the Jungle loop. Also when we quit this ride and he joined me for the Road to Sky it kept him locked out of the jungle loop…please help very frustrating.

The Jungle loop is only accessible from level 10+:

“Like all Alpe routes, Road to Sky is restricted to Zwifters level 12 and up unless you access it through an official group ride.”

I had this ‘problem’ too! Before you could ‘ride with’ or join an event and just take that route even if you didn’t have the required level. Did that change? Is it not possible anymore to join a meetup that goes to the Jungle if you’re not level 10?


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I’d realy like to know this too.
Just had the same issue with me being lvl 17 and a friend at lvl 7 not being able to follow me into the jungle.

According to your own website ( it should be possible when joining a friend:

" Zwifters at Level 12 or above are free to zigzag up the alpine road and make their way to the top. Here’s how to access the mountain at any level. You can join a group event, like a group ride or group workout. Browse the calendar for events showing the new routes listed below. You can also join a friend who’s riding the route, and follow them up."

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Anyone know if this was changed? Want to run a race and not sure of everyone’s level. The meetup feature is really good.


Just checking in on this one, I have a meet-up for the Road to Ruins (level 10) but some of my friends are not levelled up. Will this stop them joining right now?

Hi Luke - did you try this? Same issue for me.

Hi Tom - i did and have some feedback. The road to ruins definitely has bugs when different levelled meet-up users ride it. We ended up split into diff directions which was a shambles.

The tour of fire and ice however worked fine and all levels (even lower than 6) were able to ride it.

So my advice would be to skip the jungle / road to ruins route and do the tour of fire and ice if doing levelled rides - tough as it is!

Thanks Luke that is super helpful! Ride on!

Hi @Luke_Levine, can you indicate where the issues happened, where did others turn off the chosen route in the jungle? Just curious, thanks!

It’s hard to remember exactly where. I do remember seeing a fence in the road that we went through and I think it was there, about 5k into the ride maybe.

IIRC there has been an issue with meetups not working correctly for Road to Ruins route for a long time now which causes some people to not go on the correct route.

You can try Tour of Fire and Ice or I remember someone saying it works if one member gets past the red gate to the Alp then others join at that point.