Meet Up - Sending Riders Different Directions

I’ve had a problem getting the Meet Ups to work recently. It is sending riders different directions at turns. The first time this happened I thought it was due to one member not having access to certain parts of the game (Alpe De Zwift). We started off riding together, then at the first turn some went one one way and some went another. Neither group ended up following the selected course. Eventually, my group got back on course after ~30 of wandering around off course. The other group abandoned the meet up and started over.

The second time, I made sure a course was selected that all riders had access to. This course was only ~9.5 miles long. So, I then changed the total ride distance to be longer (20+ miles) so we could ride longer. I thought changing the total distance would simply do multiple laps on the course to match the desired distance. But could this have messed things up for the group and caused riders to go different directions?

In both scenarios the problem occurs at the first turn/intersection and neither group follows the correct course for the first 20-30 minutes of the ride.