Splitting up longer routes

I want to start my new training session where I left off the old one. So I can also do the long journeys and get to know e.g. Watopia better. It should be possible to program this easily.

There is a vast selection of routes that cover different areas of Watopia (or at the very least will offer you a “spawn point” that is close to the area that you wish to explore). Remember that you don’t need to stick to the select route once you start and can manually navigate the roads as you please.

Andrew, thanks for the answer. I know this and that is not my point. Let me take an example: Lets take The Pretzel wich is 72 KM. If I start a training round of 60 Minutes or so, I never ever will finish this The only way is to ride on or to start from scratch. Therefore the system should “remember” my finishing point and gives me the option to start there.

But isn’t part of the challenge of a route to be able to complete it all at once? If you break it up into multiple rides/days you haven’t really ‘done the route’. You could likely ride all of the different parts of The Pretzel in several 60 minute rides, though, by just spawning at different points and doing some manual turns.


The intention of the routes, and the challenge thereof (especially when considering the badges), is that they are to be completed in a single ride.

My point is not as a regular tour for badges or so, but as part of a workout or trainings session. E.g. doing the Zwift Academy with 14 Workouts I will never ever finish the mentioned Pretzel.

If you do a RAAM you have to breake the route into snippets in order to complete the route.
Some people dont have the time to complete certain routes.
Well on the other side this question in post 1 of the topic only exists because nowhere Zwift is defining what a route is all about. Isn’t it?

https: //support. zwift. com/en_us/zwift-worlds-and-cycling-routes-Sy2_gxTGB

I see what you are implying, but RAAM is an event, not a route, sort of like the Tour de France. And, also, technically speaking you don’t HAVE to break the RAAM into snippets. :wink: And I’m not saying that Zwift couldn’t, or shouldn’t allow this sort of ‘pick up where you left off’ option, but I think it would have to come with a stipulation that you won’t get the route completion badge or the XP if you do so. And if you think this is bad for cyclists, what about the runners? There are probably parts of the various Zwift worlds that some of them will never see, due to the combination of limited spawn points and route distances.


I’m all by you :wink: but the question in post 1 is a valid point.
What if you really are short in time?
You will never manage to finish all the routes. For some people could be quite unpleasant.

I dont have an objection to the principal provided that the route badge and any bonus XP arent awarded unless the entire route has been completed in a single ride…at the risk of being serious about what is after all a game, I think any deviation from this undermines the efforts of the thousands of people who have put in the time and effort to complete the longer routes (i.e. riding 25km each day for a week should not be considered the same of completing the PRL Full).

Gents, thanks for the discussion and the points mentioned. Bute let me remind: I would like to see my feature ONLY for workouts, nothing else. No points, no badges no …


Hi @Ulrich_Groh

There are a few spawn points on Watopia if you pick the different routes you will start et different places. That way you can see most of watopia.

Help me: What is a „spawn point“? Link to an explanation is ok.

Spawnpoint - that is where you Zwift drop you to start your ride.

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Hi Ulrich,
I’m with you - I’m all for inclusivity and I think giving people the chance to split completion of a route across two activities would be good - especially for runners - as it would allow people to explore much more of Watopia.

For some people, the challenge of routes is completing them in a single ride, for others the challenge is completing it as fast as possible, for others the challenge is completing a route over time. We’re all different and the important thing is challenging yourself.

I think a way to satisfy all these types of people would be if we could split runs or rides across multiple activities and have “best times” for completing each badge, with the clock continuing to run when you stop. So if you finish a route 5 hrs 10 mins after you started, next time you could do aim for sub-5 hours. If you split it up as a monthly or weekly challenge and complete it within 6 days 23 hrs, next time you could aim to do it over fewer days, or in a single ride.

Sadly Ulrich, while you said it “should be possible to program this easily,” if it was, I think we’d already have it, so I don’t expect to see split activities as long as we’re still in Zwift 1.0.

As for people who say “you shouldn’t get a route badge unless you finish it in one go!” I disagree. If Captain Tom can set himself a target of doing 100 laps of his house and get a Knighthood for doing it over a month, I have no issue with someone getting a pixelated Zwift badge for doing a similar thing with Zwift routes. :wink:

Kind of related.
Are there only 4 spawn points in Watopia?
Downtown, Road to Sky, Jungle loop, and one on Desert flats.

Is that the one that starts you on the bridge headed towards the volcano? I think there are only 4.

holy :poop: a new feature is discussed S-P-A-W-N P-O-I-N-T-S
its even more needed than “saving without exit” …

Road to Sky spawn is just before the dirt road for jungle.

Easiest answered by referencing Eric’s Watopia PDF here, or on site here. Quick answer - more than 5 spawn points!

Paul, thank you for the support.

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