Zwift routes, and rides on Strava personal heatmap

Hi all - I’m new to this Zwift world and really enjoying it. One thing I enjoy is exploring the worlds, but I’m forever getting lost. When I begin, for example, the Mega Pretzel is there a way of ensuring I stay on that course? When the junctions/route choices pop up, I never really know which to take.

Also, I know there are maps/layouts of the worlds available, but is there a way of seeing where I have ridden already and where I am yet to explore, like the personal heatmaps on Strava?

Thanks, and happy Christmas!

If you select a route then don’t make any turns Zwift will navigate for you.


No, not really. Would be nice to have.

(Entirely tongue in cheek) You could do the Uber Pretzel route to cover any roads you haven’t ridden on yet!

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