Anyone else using the “ZwiftMap” website?

…because it’s awesome.

I have no affiliation but holy cow is it useful, and I don’t see it mentioned much.

I hope mods won’t mind my linking to it: ZwiftMap

I find myself using it ahead of time to see route and segment profiles, and then during a ride to give me an idea of what’s ahead on a route I’m riding. You can search by route name, sort by world, distance, elevation gain etc.

YEP! I use till I know the world.


Hey that’s a cool map. Thanks for sharing!!!

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Big shout-out and thread bump: @andipaetzold recently updated to reflect the latest Urukazi expansion of Makuri!

Really loving being able to “scrub” through the new routes to get to know them.

If you haven’t used, to explain: you can roll your cursor over the route profile on the left and the corresponding point will show on the map on the right. I find this the best way to do “route recon” - knowing how far into a route a sprint or KOM are.

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That is the program for planning out my own routes for longer rides or reviewing a ride. Plus shows where non tarmac sections with their distance. Best option out there. Too bad not easy to input into zwift for a custom route. Have to write down or remember the turns to a custom route.

I’m not sure what system you’re running Zwift on but “Road Captain” is an option for auto-routing on PC.