just had an update: "Places"

The developer of, @andipaetzold, just posted an update on Reddit.


If you’re not already familiar, is a free-to-use website that offers a fast and easy way to search and examine route details. You can “scrub” across the route profile and see where on the map a given segment (KOM, Sprint) is on the map, as well as seeing details about surface type.

If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend you give it a look. It has great functionality regardless of platform - PC on the web, tablet, even smartphone if needed. It also connects to Strava so you can see your personal segment times, and routes are linked to ZwiftInsider and WhatsOnZwift if you want more narrative on the route, or find out what events are using that route.

Places Update

From the author’s post:

Many people use the website to look up routes, check their Strava segments, or scroll through events. If you are just casually riding through Watopia or other worlds, it can be very hard to orient. Where is the Yeti? Which bridge was the JWB again? You are alone and have to find these locations via Google or by searching ZwiftInsider.

Today, I am excited to announce a new feature of ZwiftMap: Places.

The map now shows iconic, popular, and important places within the world of Zwift. When selecting those, you find additional information including an image and links to articles about that place.
“But you forgot X!” I hear you say. From now on ZwiftMap does not only present data to you but you can also contribute to the data. By using the Menu → “Submit new place”, you can propose new places that are currently missing. Once approved they are visible to everyone.

I’ve just added two places of my own, the Road Runner, and Velociraptor events in Watopia.

Footnote: a past update was called “Fog of Zwift” which is an interesting way to gamify the map by making sections invisible until you unlock them.

IMO, ZwiftHQ should offer @andipaetzold a job to improve Zwift’s user-experience - integrates so well it could exist inside the Zwift ecosystem.

Cool! Zwiftmap just keeps getting better and better. :smile: