Haute Route 2021 custom Mega Pretzel - route badge if keep riding?

Anyone know if we do the Haute Route stage 1 that is a custom of Mega Pretzel, that it starts at the correct start box, and if you keep riding it you will finish the Mega Pretzel and get the route badge?

Or, does it start in the wrong place?

Or, when you finish the event you won’t remain on the Mega Pretzel route?

I want he route badge, but don’t want to risk trying to keep riding double the event distance and then not get the route :slight_smile:

If you look up the haute route FAQ on zwift for the event, it states so long as you continue to complete the route, you should unlock the badge.

I’ll be giving it a go so I can grab the mega pretzel on Friday, the pretzel on Saturday and the Quatch quest on Sunday. Three big routes (and further than the haute route requirement by far!) To tick off the collection.

If you struggled through the Über pretzel event last Saturday like I did, you should find this a breeze :+1:t3:

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See Haute Route 2021 FAQ - #5 by shooj